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Sport Rules and Schedules

All Schedules For 20/21 School Year Are Postponed Due To COVID-19



We believe that athletic competition is a necessary process for the development of the student/athlete.  We believe that the purpose of athletics is to assist the student/athlete in developing playing skills, respecting coaches, teammates, and opponents, respecting rules and officials, maintaining good health and physical fitness, practicing good sportsmanship and remembering that participation is a privilege and carries responsibilities.  We also believe that the middle school athletic competitions are a learning experience for all students/athletes and that there will be a concerted effort to have all players participate and be given as much playing time as possible in each sporting event

F.I.S.A.L. Participation Eligibility

RULE 600:  F.I.S.A.L. Participation Eligibility: A student/athlete may try-out and be on the roster for, but cannot compete in a scrimmage/game, practice, and/or attend a practice/game for “outside” team (Example:  AAU, Club, Tournament teams, Rec. teams etc.) while attending practice or participating for their school in the same sport in the same season (playoffs are a part of the season) with the exception of Football, Softball and Wrestling.  Wrestlers may participate for club, Flag Football players may participate in tackle football and Softball players may participate in fast pitch softball.  Athletes in both Cross Country and Track may have personal trainers and run unattached in 5K and 10K races but may not participate in organized Cross Country or Track and Field events.  All athletes may attend trainings and/or clinics.


East League              West League

Cavitt                             Antelope Crossing
Chilton                           Buljan
Creekview Ranch          Cooley
E.V. Cain                       Eich
Glen Edwards                Granite Oaks
Olympus                        Silverado
Twelve Bridges              Spring View
W.C. Riles 

League Contacts

Please contact your school's Athletic Director with any questions or concerns you may have.

Antelope Crossing Middle School
AD: Barb Ruth

Buljan Intermediate School
AD: Alan Warnock

Cavitt Jr. High
AD: Brian Robertson

Chilton Middle School
AD: Darvin Beaman

Cooley Middle School
AD: Rachael Conway

Creekview Ranch Middle School
AD: Michael Hudson


E.V. Cain Jr. High School
AD: Jeff James

Eich Jr. High
AD: Cory Maday

Glen Edwards Middle School
AD: Dave Luci

Granite Oaks Middle School
AD: Jerry Ryan

Olympus Jr. High School
AD: Nicole Taylor

Silverado Middle School
AD: John Clark
AD: Doug Irwin

Spring View Middle School
AD: Dave Snell

Twelve Bridges Middle School
AD: Dave Baker

Wilson C. Riles Middle School
AD: Mark Jordan

League Commissioner
Kevin Edmondson

League Secretary
Kristi Edmondson